Hottie McDottie of the Day – Matthew Goode [reblog]

The Ebb and Flow

Matthew Goode is a British actor who has starred in Woody Allen’s Match Point, Brideshead Revisited, Watchmen, in which he played hero/villain Ozymandias, and that pinnacle of American cinema, the Mandy Moore vehicle Chasing Liberty.  For someone who only has 17 credits on his IMDb resume, he is (arguably) becoming one of the most well-known up and coming British actors in the biz.  His upcoming projects include Leap Year, a romantic comedy with Amy Adams, and Tom Ford’s directorial debut, A Single Man, which is garnering rave reviews (and Oscar buzz).  He also became a father in March, so it’s been a busy year for him.

Why He’s More Than Just Eye Candy:  It was a bit difficult to find much information about him personally – his hobbies and past and whatnot – other than the fact that he can wear a suit…

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